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If you need to utilize agency notary services, please call ahead prior to traveling to a Commission Office. A notary is not guaranteed to be available during all business hours. Call ahead to ensure a staff notary will be available to assist you when you arrive..

For the safety of the public and staff, the NEOC is following COVID-19 precautions and recommended social distancing when interacting with the public. For these reasons we will not be shaking hands and will encourage phone and on-line interaction.

The next regularly scheduled meeting is on Friday August 19, 2022 and will be held in Omaha on the 1st floor of 1313 Farnam St.

August 2022 Agenda

The agenda, which shall be kept continually current, will be available for public inspection at the Commission’s principal office located at 1526 K Street, Suite 310, Lincoln, Nebraska.  The final agenda will be available 24 hours prior to the meeting.

July 2022 Draft Meeting Minutes

View the Open Meetings Act. (pdf)

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